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Work smarter with HubSpot



Portal-iQ for Marketers

Do you and your team want to convert more leads using HubSpot?

Portal-iQ will scan and report on data placement in your key CRM fields, app use and more. Having complete, accurate, and accessible data about your customers, is key to maximising your future marketing campaigns.

Sales Teams

Portal-iQ for Sales Teams

Do you and your team want to close more deals using HubSpot?

Data is key for tracking and closing sales…for both new and existing customers. Portal-iQ is the best tool to help you effectively manage sales related data throughout your customers’ sales and ‘conversion’ journey.

Customer Success

Portal-iQ for Customer Success

Do you and your team want to help more customers using HubSpot?

With accurate, accessible and real-time information, it ensures you can support and service your customers quickly and seamlessly. Portal-iQ helps ensure you are effectively tracking and recording your customer service requirements.

HubSpot Teams

Portal-iQ for HubSpot Teams

Do you want your team to be more effective using HubSpot?

Portal-iQ provides a high-level analysis and support tool. It will quickly and seamlessly help guide you and your team, to ensure that you are effectively using HubSpot. Achieved through clear and specific recommendations in simple to read reports.

Work smarter with HubSpot. Portal-iQ provides key recommendations combined with up to date data to help you maximise HubSpot for your marketing, sales and customer support.

Key Benefits of Using Portal-iQ

Portal-iQ quickly and seamlessly audits and scans your HubSpot Portal. You simply authorise the Portal-iQ App, in your HubSpot Portal, answer a few questions and Portal-iQ will do the rest.

The result… A comprehensive report detailing a list of recommendations for you to easily follow, to maximise your HubSpot Hubs and CRM set up.

Please note: Portal-iQ doesn’t specifically read your data / information, so data privacy is maintained throughout the analysis. It takes a higher-level approach of scanning for ‘field completion’ and feature use to ensure you are maximising your HubSpot investment.

  • Portal-iQ is a critical support tool to help ensure you are maximising your return with your HubSpot investment. Having access to accurate, current, and more extensive information is key to supporting your marketing, sales, and customer service deliverables.
  • Portal-iQ provides an effective and efficient means to track and monitor the availability of key data within the HubSpot platform. With accurate data captured throughout each customer’s sales conversion journey, it assists your sales team to provide the appropriate level of support and follow-up.
  • It helps you and your team make better business decisions. With data being clean, complete, and up to date, you can make key business decisions faster with more certainty.
  • Your results are more measurable. Marketing campaigns can be more accurately tracked, measured, and tested. As a result, you can more accurately target and tailor your marketing campaigns to meet your target markets requirements.
  • You get the benefit of better productivity and time efficiencies, for you and your team. With greater use of HubSpot, and with more accurate and complete data, you get to spend more time on what’s working…and less time on what’s not working. It’s all about getting better results!

Let’s talk some key facts

  • Portal-iQ provides a quick and easy way to maximise your use and deliver the benefits of your HubSpot investment.
  • Having purchased HubSpot, you will be familiar with the many features of the platform.
  • The next step is to ensure it is used effectively to maximise the returns for your business. And that’s just where Portal-iQ can help!
  • Portal-iQ is the ultimate HubSpot audit. By scanning your HubSpot set up, it can identify and provide a prioritized actionable summary of recommendations to focus on.

Used effectively, HubSpot can help you to improve your business performance, increase leads, maximise your sales opportunities, and help you to deliver excellent customer service. All key to supporting the long-term success of your business.

Portal-iQ scans your HubSpot Portal

Your contacts, companies, deals and tickets are at the heart of your CRM. When your data is clean, accurate and up to date you and your team can make business decisions faster, and with more certainty. Your results are more measurable because you can accurately test and measure. You get to spend more time on what’s working, less time on what’s not working and less time on admin.

HubSpot Contacts


HubSpot Deals


HubSpot Companies


HubSpot Ticket


Portal-iQ scans your HubSpot Hubs

Your data is important, and so are the systems you use to leverage the information in your HubSpot CRM. It's essential that all of your HubSpot Hubs are set up correctly otherwise - as you grow - so will your problems. When your HubSpot Hubs are set up correctly you spend less time on admin and more time doing the things you love.

HubSpot Marketing Hub

Marketing Hub, properly optimised, with accurate data helps you and your marketing team run your marketing campaigns more effectively and efficiently. The result, more conversions, plus the benefit of delivering the right type of leads to your sales team.

HubSpot Sales Hub

Sales Hub, when properly optimised, helps your sales team spend less time on data entry and more time selling. They will be more informed and be able to view key data for each prospective customer. This data will help them to more effectively ‘connect’ earlier on in the sales process. In essence, more customers for less effort.

HubSpot Service Hub

Service Hub, when properly optimised, helps you and your team have access to the right data, at the right time, so you can spend less time looking for information and more time helping your customer... which means happy customers.

Portal-iQ Delivers an Easy to Read Fully Customised Report

The Portal-iQ comprehensive HubSpot Audit helps you identify issues in your HubSpot portal that are costing you and your team, time and money. When you run the Portal-iQ audit in your HubSpot portal you get a detailed report with prioritised actionable recommendations. The report is designed to help you and your team optimise HubSpot so you can spend less time on day-to-day tasks and more time helping your business grow... after all, that's just one of the reasons why you bought HubSpot in the first place.

Privacy First

Portal-iQ is designed with privacy in mind. Portal-iQ doesn’t specifically read your data / information, so data privacy is maintained throughout the audit. It takes a higher-level approach of scanning for ‘field completion’ and feature use.

Be assured, Portal-iQ only analyses your data, your data is never saved. No personal information is ever used by the Portal-iQ App.

Once your data is compiled into the PDF the anonymised benchmarking data is only ever saved if explicitly requested by you (we're working on a new feature to measure your Portal health over time).

GDPR Minimum

Because personally identifiable information is neither collected, nor stored by the Portal-iQ App it’s easy for us to exceed the privacy standards defined by Europe’s General Data Protection Rules (GDPR).

If you request your details to be removed from our HubSpot Portal, we can also remove any anonymised data from the Portal-iQ system.

GDPR Minimum


How Portal-iQ Works

Easy 5 step process

Easy 5 Step Setup

It’s just 5 easy steps. To start the Portal-iQ process you’ll need to give access to the app so that it can benchmark the data in your HubSpot CRM.

You’ll be asked if you want to give the app permission to read the objects in HubSpot. Once you agree you’ll be taken to the next page with a summary of the next steps where we'll ask a few more questions.

Background processing

Background Processing

Portal-iQ is designed to run in the background, with a minimum impact on HubSpot. It may take a while to process, depending on how many objects, e.g. contacts, companies, deals and tasks, are in your CRM system, and which HubSpot Hubs you use.

Once completed, you will receive an email confirming this along with a link to your PDF Report.


Progress over perfection

You will soon have a prioritised actionable list of recommendations to help you optimise your HubSpot CRM and HubSpot Hubs.

And you can implement best practices to improve the quality of your data. It’s important to remember “progress over perfection”. You and your team will be able to make continual improvements over time and work smarter in HubSpot.


A small investment to work smarter with HubSpot

Portal-iQ has pricing to suit your selected HubSpot package.




For small businesses that use the HubSpot Starter Hubs package.

Launch Special normally $79 $49USD

  • Benchmark CRM Data
  • Audit Starter Hubs
  • 5 day delivery
  • Report in 1 language



For businesses that use the HubSpot Professional Hubs package.

Launch Special normally $211 $129USD

  • Benchmark CRM Data
  • Audit Professional Hubs
  • 3 day delivery
  • Reports in 2 languages



For businesses that use the HubSpot Enterprise Hubs package.

Launch Special normally $571 $359USD

  • Benchmark CRM Data
  • Audit Enterprise Hubs
  • 2 day delivery
  • Reports in 3 languages


guarantee100% Money Back Guarantee

If you're unhappy and would like a full refund, please contact us via the support form. You can keep the Portal-iQ Audit and we will refund 100% of your payment via Stripe. All we ask in return is a reason why you requested the refund so we can improve our products and services for other customers.


Portal-iQ is powered by Webalite


Portal-iQ is based in Webalite's office in Wellington, New Zealand.

Portal-iQ was built by the team at Webalite, a certified HubSpot Partner Agency based in Wellington, New Zealand. For over a decade Webalite has used auditing tools and reports to help customers get better results faster.

In 2021 we handcrafted a comprehensive HubSpot audit for one of our clients. The response was amazing and helped us quickly fix the issues in the portal and move onto the jobs that helped the customer grow with less friction.

Once the team at HubSpot started asking us about the Health Check for HubSpot (as we called it at the time) we knew we were onto something. In February 2022 we were proud to be accepted into the HubSpot App accelerator programme. Months of coding, a complete refactoring of our Benchmark Engine, a new brand and a new website… here you are.

Webalite is a Certified HubSpot App Partner
Webalite is a Certified HubSpot Partner Agency
Community Champion Badge

Starting from Zero

We're committed to working and living sustainably so we've started Portal-iQ as a Carbon Neutral business.

We can access information from all the services and products we use to see the amount of carbon we consume. Our energy use has a breakdown including how much is renewable.

We then offset our carbon consumption by planting trees. Offsetting, while better than nothing, is still not ideal – so we're always looking at ways we can reduce our footprint.

More audits, more trees

For every Portal-iQ Audit you order we plant at least one tree. We've partnered with B1G1 (Buy 1 Give 1) to plant trees every time you place an order with us:

  • Starter - we donate 1 tree
  • Professional - we donate 2 trees
  • Enterprise - we donate 3 trees

No need to do anything, we'll automatically make the donation to B1G1. We're subscribed to B1G1 so 100% of every dollar donated goes to the project.

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