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Portal-iQ Partner Programme


Win new business while earning a revenue share when you run a Portal-iQ HubSpot Audit.

As a HubSpot Partner we've often found...

Portal-iQ HubSpot Audit helps with leads who need more detail before they start.

Leads need more detail
before they start.

Portal-iQ HubSpot Audit helps budget approval.

Budget approval
takes longer, for less.

Portal-iQ HubSpot Audit helps speed up the audit process.

It took several hours
to audit a portal.

Why join the Portal-iQ Partner Programme?

Portal-iQ's Partner Programme is specifically designed for HubSpot certified partners wanting to gain new opportunities, win leads, and save time auditing their customers' portals while benefiting from a revenue share. 

Apply now to join Portal-iQ’s Partner Programme so you and your team can run HubSpot Audits for your leads, opportunities, and customers.

  • Convert leads and opportunities into paying customers by demonstrating your HubSpot knowledge.
  • Save hours of work with a fully automated HubSpot Audit Report.
  • Use the HubSpot Audit Report to present a prioritised actionable list of tasks required for HubSpot optimisation.
  • Find quick wins that have an immediate impact in your customer’s HubSpot Portal.

What will you receive?

  • Co-branded HubSpot Audit Report.
  • Your own Profile Page in the HubSpot Audit Report.
  • HubSpot Tier Badges in the HubSpot Audit Report.
  • An audit of your customers portal that has thud-factor*.

*The amount of paper you provide your clients with when proposing or presenting is often subconsciously interpreted as the amount of work or effort that has been put in. Customers tend to respond well to a certain degree of 'thud-factor' as it implies a lot of time and energy has gone into a project. The Portal-iQ HubSpot Audit report delivers this with over 60 pages of value.

Also, gain access to exclusive perks including:

  • Early release of new Portal-iQ Benchmarks.
  • Early release of new content in the HubSpot Audit Report.
  • Early release of new Portal-iQ features as they’re developed.

Register your interest to learn about our generous revenue share

Enter your details to learn about the Portal-iQ HubSpot Audit Partner Programme, exclusively for certified HubSpot Solution Partners.